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"I wanted to take a minute and say thanks to Denise for all of her help getting our new house organized!! In our old house we had a huge basement shop, a large wall of built-in shelves in the basement office, and lots of other closets to cram stuff in! Moving to a new open concept house, we had to fit all of that stuff in one office closet! Denise helped to teach me a process of how to easily sort items to keep or toss! Without her help, I would still be living among boxes!!! I cannot say enough how much I appreciate her help!"

-Robin, Atlanta, GA‚Äč

"Denise took me from overwhelmed to overjoyed!  My house was a disaster and I was afraid to even open certain drawers or face certain messes. Denise patiently--and without judgement--walked through with me and helped me see the potential in my home.  She showed me which pieces I already owned that could easily be repurposed and what storage solutions I could buy (inexpensively!) to help with some much-needed decluttering.  I now have a cozy craft corner with all of my supplies organized and within reach.  I highly recommend working with Denise!"

-Marla, Decatur, GA

"Denise asked good questions about how things work (and don't work) in my house, and then suggested new ways to organize and use what I have.  She's professional, creative, and crafty!"

-Megan, Atlanta, GA

"Denise helped us stage our house for selling (with things we already had) and it made a HUGE difference.  I wish I had gotten her to do it before we were ready to move."

-Lee, Decatur, GA